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QaromaShop Multipurpose Adapter Bowl (14mm & 18mm)

QaromaShop Multipurpose Adapter Bowl (14mm & 18mm)

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Multipurpose and/or microdose adapter bowls that can fit: 

1. Most injectors in the market including all of our QaromaShop 20mm coil housings. Non perfect seal but does not affect performance. Take note when used with breakable housings such as Qaroma

2. Qaroma XL as a microdose and diffuser option. 

3. 22mm Diffuser Heaters/Housings 

4. Standard 16mm Basket Screens (for non glass screen versions)

Fits our QaromaShop 17mm Screens. Handmade by Biao.T.

Price is for 1pcs only. No returns or warranties. 

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