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QaromaShop Ceroma Ceramic Housing (Non Perfect)

QaromaShop Ceroma Ceramic Housing (Non Perfect)

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This link is ONLY for 1 x Ceroma Ceramic Housing

IMPORTANT: Ceroma Ceramic Housing is aesthetically FLAWED and is not perfect. Please refer to pictures above for details on it's imperfections. These are cosmetic flaws and should not affect product performance. Ceroma is heavily discounted for this reason. Please do NOT purchase if you cannot accept these flaws. 

Ceroma is molded and extracted manually by hand. As such, it is not machined perfectly like Qaroma and Taroma. There will be some minor chippings at the end of the joint and slightly on the threads, along with other minor cosmetic flaws shown above. 

Ceroma can fit almost any 20mm coil in the market. It is definitely the most flexible and best value heater housing in the market, that utilizes a 20mm coil.

Choose "Random Selection" for no selection process when picking your Ceroma Housing. It will be picked randomly from our stocks. Choose "Select Best Out of 10" and we will pick the best one out of 10 pieces to ship, for your order. 


Ceroma is built for the connoisseur with a budget. It is essentially a high grade Ceramic housing with a specially designed Gemstone Chamber. A Ceramic version of Qaroma. 

The flavor of Ceroma closely rivals that of Qaroma. It is much harder than Qaroma but still nowhere as dense as Taroma. As long as you do not drop Ceroma hard, it should last a very long time. 

Ceroma matches the power of Taroma, but is not built as tough. It also closely matches the flavor of Qaroma, but at a lower price. It is like a hybrid of Qaroma and Taroma. Perfect for those on a tight budget, looking for a premium desktop aromatheraphy kit.

Unlike Qaroma and Taroma, Ceroma does not have a raised step in its design and can be used with most 20mm coils, whether clockwise or anti clockwise. For Ceroma, joint length is the same as Qaroma instead of being shortened, like Taroma. This gives Ceroma it's own unique signature, that stands out from her sisters. 

Ceroma has a glossy glazed finish to provide better conduction, by closing off any possible pores. The material used in Ceroma is used in applications such as hip transplant and body armor, and is considered 100% safe. It is a few times harder than stainless steel but is not as dense. Therefore, Ceroma should last a very long time, as long as you avoid any heavy impact. 

The built in Gemstone Chamber acts as airflow control, and for better heat retention/recovery due to increased total mass. You can add or mix Aroma Pearls and/or pillars of different color and sizes, for endless combinations and possibilities. We only offer 3mm Ruby Aroma Pearls at the moment. Ceroma is not designed to be used with an empty Gemstone Chamber. Do not attempt to overfill the Gemstone Chamber. 

The Ceroma housing is designed to fit an industry standard 20mm Heater Coil. These are common heater coils used in household appliances such as coffee machines etc. This is then plugged into the PID Controller. Together with the Adapter Bowl, Qaromashop Aroma Pearls, Stand and Coil Handle, your Ceroma DIY Kit is now complete and ready for use. 

Do not modify or use modified/ incompatible coils on Ceroma. If you are not familiar with the different pinouts in the market, it is highly recommended that you purchase parts and accessories from QaromaShop. We are not responsible for any issues arising from mix/match of parts. For reference, our Coil Pinout is: 

Coil (Male 5 pin XLR connector) PIN 1 = TC-, PIN 2 = TC+, PIN 3 = GND, PIN 4 = AC-, PIN 5 = AC+

Note: When resting the heater for a long time, the Ceroma Stand will feel like touching a bowl of hot soup. However, it is safe to touch for a few seconds. 

The applications for Ceroma are endless. Anyone who requires small scale, ultra clean convection heating, at precise temperatures will benefit from the Ceroma. Due to its standard laboratory glass sizes, modifying the Ceroma to suit your needs is made very easy. There are truly no fixed way to use the Ceroma. 

This link is ONLY for 1 x Ceroma B+ Stock Ceramic Housing

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