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Taroma Lite Plus DIY Kit

Taroma Lite Plus DIY Kit

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The Taroma Lite Plus is the housing of choice for a perfect balance of flavor and clouds. This is our most affordable and popular option, but don't count out its performance! The 20mm heater coil is wrapped around a GR2 titanium housing filled with over 300 rubies. The durable titanium construction means your housing will probably outlast you!

Pick one of the following starting temps!

Low - 500

Medium - 535

High - 570 (Recommended for one shot extraction)

The Taroma Lite plus takes your herbs to the next level! Our devices offer some of the best flavor on the market, and the vapor production to match. With powerful, on-demand vapor, you can fully extract your herb in one go! No more burnt popcorn taste when vaporizing! You will be able to get your medicinal effects in a more pleasurable experience, while saving herb.

The ball vape design involves a lab grown ruby filled housing wrapped in an induction coil. The coil heats the housing, the housing heats the rubies. When you pull the ambient air through the rubies, the air reaches the perfect vaporization temperature to maximize extraction with minimal loss of flavor

Take all of the benefits of vaporization, with the power of combustion! Unlike with combustion the daily clean up is reduced significantly, say goodbye to dirty glass and daily maintenance. Designed for the fullest extraction to pull the most out of your material resulting in a stronger more effective medication. There will be a noticeable difference in your rate of consumption!

All Kits Include

  • Taroma Housing
  • Glass Bowl
  • Coil 
  • Digital PID Controller
  • Jade Stand
  • 3mm Aroma Terp pearls 
  • Stainless Steel Spoon 
  • Wood Handle

If you have handle and jade stand color preferences please attach a note to the order or  send me an email at with your order number. Please view to view the color options. Not all color options are available at all times.

Terp Chasers Club Kits come assembled and burned off, however please see below if you wish to do so anyways:

Instructions / Installation

Plug in PID to an outlet

Plug in coil and set in the stand

Turn PID on and set it to 800, only use the up and down arrows, let the coil burn off factory oils for 10 minutes, and turn it off when the timer is up and allow it to cool.

While that's going on, clean and thoroughly rinse the housing, rubies, and bowls with isopropyl alcohol. Then dry completely.

By this time your coil should be cooled to the touch. 

You should now attach your handle, you can use electric tape around the very bottom metal part to make a tighter fit. 

Fill the your housing of choice to the top of the chamber, you can pile a few extra on top if you wish and remove as necessary to completely close the head, when fully assembled it should sound like a maraca. 

Place the coil into the head and screw the top on snug, don't over tighten it. 

Plug assembled unit into the PID controller and set the head in the stand. 

Turn on the PID, and set your temperature to the suggested range for your housing to start. Adjust up or down accordingly later on. Let the PID reach temperature, and then give it another 10 minutes to fully reach heat soak and you're good to go.


-don’t use housing with empty ball chamber 

-don’t overfill the housing

-don’t use at too high temps 

-don’t leave on for extended periods

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